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Brain Gym

We provide Brain Gym course manuals, books, training posters and products. These products are manufactured under licence from Brain Gym International.



Brain Gym® for Business: Instant Brain Boosters for On-the-Job Success by Geil E. Dennison and Paul E Dennison and Jerry Teplitz.

For everyone in business—from the receptionist to the CEO—this delightful book offers brief Brain Gym routines to do at the office for the specific skills you need to achieve ease and success in your job. Included are illustrations showing office workers doing various movements to enhance their job performance, as well as specific pointers for more than a dozen varied fields of work. (For further instruction on the movements and their uses, contact a Brain Gym® Instructor in your area via <www.braingym.org.za) 65 pages.


Personalised Whole Brain Integration by Paul E Dennison and Gail E Dennison

This book will enable you to "switch on" to a higher level of brain performance and a deeper appreciation of your uniqueness, through an understanding of your brain organization profile and how to maximize your innate potential through movement.



Edu-K for Kids by Paul E Dennison and Gail E Dennison.

Edu-K for Kids, another early work, presents easy-to-understand cartoon illustrations depicting visual, auditory, and kinesthetic processes related to learning, as well as step-by-step procedures that can be used to integrate the “try” and “reflex” brain functions. This is a book for parents and teachers to use in facilitating Dennison Laterality Repatterning with children of all ages. (For further instruction, contact a Brain Gym® Instructor in your area via <www.braingym.org.za) 82 pages.


Hands On - How to use Brain Gym® in the Classroom by Isabel Cohen and Marcelle Goldsmith Shaman.

For teachers who use Brain Gym in the classroom, Hands On gives practical, visual, step-by-step ideas on how to implement the Brain Gym movements when teaching reading, handwriting, spelling, or math. Starting with pace, Hands On invites more movement, joy, and success into the learning process. The photos of children demonstrating the Brain Gym movements are clear, instructive, and inspirational. (For further instruction, contact a Brain Gym® Instructor in your area via www.braingym.org.za) 103 pages.


Brain Gym and Me by Paul E Dennison.

Discover the most effective techniques and applications of the Brain Gym movements—the ones used by Brain Gym creator Paul Dennison himself to help learners reconnect to the joy of learning! In this inspiring addition to the Brain Gym series, Dr. Dennison tells how he overcame his own learning challenges to become an internationally known educator, and describes how he and his wife, Gail Dennison, came to develop the field of movement-based learning known today as Educational Kinesiology. As an authority on cognitive skills and reading achievement, Paul Dennison has imbued Brain Gym® and Me with his own vision of children and adults learning in the way that’s most natural: through movement. This book offers an in-depth understanding of neuroscience as it relates to learning, and covers such unique Edu-K concepts as pace, noticing, and the Three Dimensions. Dr. Dennison describes the physical skills of learning that—once mastered—liberate the genius in each of us, and shares how, with learners of all ages, he seizes the teachable moments that lead to transformation of his students’ abilities to learn, remember, and create. 266 pages.


The Dominance Factor by Dr Carla Hannaford

The Dominance Factor clearly explains why an individual's dominance profile is such an important factor in shaping thought processes and behavior. This is a book that will help parents, teachers, and anyone who seeks to understand the mystery of human development.


Smart Moves, Why Learning Is Not All In Your Head by Dr Carla Hannaford.

Smart Moves is a popular, readable book which explores the nature of intelligence and how the body/mind processes sensation, emotion, and thought. It emphasizes the power of Brain Gym to enhance learning for everyone, and the role of movement in reducing stress.


Brain Gym: Simple Activities for Whole Brain Learning by Paul E Dennison and Gail E Dennison.

This book, in first-person story format, includes the 26 Brain Gym® movements and simple instructions for how to perform them correctly. The book reaches out to all with the message that movement and learning are necessary companions. Every page contains high-energy illustrations of activities recommended for people of all ages. Included are specific routines of movement for specific skills such as reading comprehension and hand-eye coordination. If you know that you or your child have the ability or the information but can’t seem to call upon it at will, you’ll benefit from having a copy of Brain Gym.



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