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NeedaSign for small job printing and production







Domed name labels

We manufacture name badges in a variety of shapes and sizes. One of the most popular name badges is the magnetic badge.

Badges are usually printed in full colour. Our services include designing your logo or badge or using your artwork and design for manufacturing the domed decals, name plates or labels.


Bottle labels

We also manufacture trophy inserts in various sizes and designs as well as bottle labels and heat transfers to most materials.


Domed stickers

Domed stickers are ideal for equipment manufacturers for corporate identification. They are chemical resistant and last and last and last ...



Doming is a finishing process that applies a clear liquid polyurethane in a metered dose to the top surface of a decal, label or nameplate.


Domed decals


The liquid material, which is the consistency of honey, flows to the edge of the vinyl shape and is trapped by capillary attraction to the edge. The liquid is then cured to produce a finished product with a 3D domed, bubbled, or lens effect.


Domed products require all corners to have at least a small radius or the polyurethane will bleed of the edge.


Virtually any shape with full colour or black and white printing can be domed. We can print and dome directly from your artwork or do the design for you.


The final product has a high class enhanced appearance that is scratch and moisture resistant.


Typical uses for domed decals include labels, product identification stickers, medal inserts, trophy insets and name badges.







There are many uses for doming. These include medal inserts, trophy insets, name badge labels and product identification. We even manufacture domed coasters!





Virtually any shape can be printed in full-colour, cut and domed. There are however, limitations on size.

We can dome from 10 to 10,000 items to give your product that professional finish.


For more information on how we can supply you with dome decals, contact us.


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